Tips for Painting Your Home Yourself

Painting a home is a big deal, even if you are a trained professional house painter. Painting a home on your own without any prior experience can seem completely overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, painting a house is plenty of work, but if you’re willing to learn and do it properly, then it can be an extremely rewarding and exciting experience. You can paint your home at your pace, the way you like, the colors you like. There’s no working with a painting crew or paying contractors to do a job that you can do yourself.

While this is a possible DIY project, you should always be aware of the magnitude of the work before you undertake the job. You definitely don’t want to get started only to give up in a week or month’s time. You must be prepared to work from start to finish because if you end up hiring a contractor, they’ll just have to start over and all of your time would be wasted. Continue reading through the tips below if you’re ready for this job..

Few things will help you as much as having the proper tools and equipment. You can learn everything in the world about painting a home, but if you don’t invest in the right tools and equipment, then you’ll never get the job done. Consider that buying sub-par tools can often result in a sub-par job. You do get what you pay for, so don’t always settle for the cheapest items you find. When it comes to the more expensive equipment, you can usually find rentals available at local hardware stores. As far as the tools you buy, go for tools that are durable and high quality. You’ll need ladders, brushes, scalpels, goggles, mixers, and drop cloths; among other things.

Preparing the home to be painted is an extremely critical step that cannot be overlooked. You can’t just run out and start painting over everything. You might need to sand blast all of the old paint away, if there is old paint. It is possible to paint over the old paint, but it won’t last long and the look will fade. You might be lucky enough to be the first person to paint the home, meaning you don’t have any old paint to remove. If not, then you have plenty of dusting, sanding, and scraping ahead of you.


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